Multi-axis Manufacturing

Competing at the cutting edge is paramount to the high level of service Hutton Engineering offers its customers.

We have a wide variety of equipment including multi axis one- hit turn/mill capability, aimed at providing accurate fast turn round on small to medium volume batch work.

All machines are linked to a DNC / CAD CAM system allowing for easy program transfer and revision control of programmes to parts, furthering our capabilty to produce complex turned, milled or machined parts.


Customers derive maximum benefits by ordering total manufacture of assemblies or kits, which call on supply chain management, low cost sourcing, contract manufacturing as well as CNC machining and welding. Total assembly, kitting, scheduled and JIT delivery ensure that any manufacturing opportunity can be safely placed in the hands of Hutton Engineering to find the ideal solution. 

We typically offer a broad range of services:

  • Machined parts including finishing to Customer specification.
  • Supplying parts, kits of parts or assemblies.
  • Parts on call off or Kanban orders.
  • Fully assembled, packaged and labeled and delivered “line-side” if required.

The Complete Service

At Hutton Engineering we genuinely care, offering peace of mind, reliable machined parts, full “turnkey” services and a real solution to your manufacturing needs.

  • Give design for manufacture advice
  • Process and schedule your requirements
  • Supply the material with full certification, or work with your free issue material (where required)
  • Manufacture to order
  • Supply chain management for all outsourced processes.
  • Assembly
  • QA
  • Package, label and deliver