With years of experience within Hutton Engineering, we provide manufacturing solutions for a number of different and demanding industries. Confident that we can deliver over and above our promise, Hutton Engineering prides itself on working with customers in an individual, efficient and open manner. With the latest techniques in management and machinery, Hutton Engineering can provide the complete engineering solution from design to supply, backed with confidence and care.

Collaborative Cost Reduction

By working together with the customer, Huttons can effectively reduce costs. As a first tier supplier Huttons can offer savings direct to the end user in collaboration with supply partners, low cost overseas sources and utilising lean manufacturing techniques, value engineering and design improvements, making significant cost savings possible. A medical company benefited from this cost effective way of working together. Winning the business on the basis of projected savings, Huttons was able to save the customer 7% over a year. Incremental cost savings over time benefit the customer – making products more competitive for the end user, thus improving sales volumes. Savings are shared, with no loss of margin, improving business profitably for the whole supply chain.