Complex Multi-Axis Machining

Competing at the cutting edge is paramount to the high level of service Hutton Engineering Abingdon offers its customers. Investment in new machinery is fundamental. State of the art facilities offer multi axis one-hit mill/ turn, turn/mill, high speed machining, CNC milling and turning facilities.

Hutton Engineering Abingdon has a full CNC workshop comprising of horizontal and vertical CNC lathes, Multi axis vertical machining centres plus water jet machines that are used as an extension of our precision machine shop enabling us to give water cutting to machining tolerances. All machines are linked to a DNC / CAD CAM system allowing for easy program transfer and revision control of programmes to parts.

Hutton Engineering has two Flow water jet machines. Table capacity 3 metres x 2 metres which are able to cut materials from thin plastics 0.1 mm thick to stainless steels, titanium’s and copper to 150 mm thick.                         

Water jet cutting is a very versatile machine tool. It allows you to cut virtually any shape in a single step with edge quality that usually requires no secondary finishing. Because side forces are virtually non-existent and that there is no heat produced when cutting with an abrasive water jet this allows you can tightly nest parts to get the most from raw material.

Material Supply, Assembly and Packaging

Customers derive maximum benefits by ordering total manufacture of electro-mechanical assemblies or kits, which call on supply chain management, low cost sourcing, contract manufacturing as well as CNC machining and welding. Total assembly, kitting, scheduled and JIT delivery ensure that any manufacturing opportunity can be safely placed in the hands of Oxford Engineering to find the ideal solution. The assembly area contains a clean assembly room: 1000 sq. ft. of positively pressurised separate assembly space fitted out with facilities for electro-mechanical assembly and a vacuum testing bay with four helium leak testing points. A collaborative supply chain for proprietary parts, specialised offsite processes and engineering services has been developed.

To save you the hassles of having parts finished – anodised, plated, painted etc, we will happily offer you the service of complete manufacture.  This can be to the extent of ‘packaged and labelled ready to use’. We can

  • Supply the material or work with your free issue material
  • Manage the anodising, plating, painting, heat treatment etc
  • Assemble
  • Package, labelled & ready to sell
  • Consignment stock and delivery to your call off needs

Precision Welding

A significant capacity for welding (including orbital welding), brazing and soldering is also available where highly skilled staff and comprehensive equipment backed by technical support offer customers further bespoke solutions.

All welders are coded to ASME IX (the most stringent manual coding available)